Nov 11, 2020 - Perspective Shifts: Moments of Shared Understanding and Clarity

Fellow Interintellects Katrina Dela Cruz and Alex Yao explore our individual perspectives through the power of community and communication.

About this Event

"Our native culture and language are some of the first ways we develop our individual perspectives. As we are exposed to more global communities through the Internet, we experience the juxtaposition of our views against other’s views. How do we allow (or not allow) these moments to change us?

How does language enable or inhibit us from a shared perspective? How does learning a new language shift the way we see the world and open up a new range of understanding? How does our attachment to our cultures/identities hold us back from shared perspective shifts?

How can we experience more moments of shared understanding and clarity in our day to day relationships? How do we reconcile when we are unable to reach these moments? What do shared perspective shifts look like on an individual vs. societal level?

In this Interintellect salon, we’ll be exploring these questions in order to understand the role perspective shifts play in our lives and how we can use these moments to connect with others." - Salon Hosts Katrina Dela Cruz and Alex Yao

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