Oct 19, 2020 - Introverts vs Extroverts: Are We Really So Different?

Fellow Interintellect Alex Yao explores introversion, extraversion, how we see ourselves, how others perceive us, and how we make decisions.

About this Event

"When Jung first came up with the dichotomy of Introversion (I) and Extraversion (E), he was describing where we direct our energy—outward, toward the external world, or inward, toward our own minds. Our energy expression, E or I, then influences the development of all other “functional types,” such as Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, and iNtuiting.

Myers Briggs popularized Jung’s typology and created the MBTI personality tests, which most people now know of today.

Is our world built for extraverts? Are we stuck with the classifications we are given? Does introversion and extraversion exist on a spectrum, or do people fall into one category or the other? Does the Internet favor introverts or extraverts?

What is the underlying value of typology and how can we use it to grow? How do misinterpretations or myths about typology and classification limit us? What are the other dimensions/traits that relate to introversion and extraversion?

In this Interintellect Salon, we’ll be exploring these questions to understand how the dichotomy of introversion and extraversion shapes the world we live in." - Salon Host Alex Yao

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